Mount Helena


Home Heating Costs

Heating costs in and around the Helena area are consistently lower than other areas of the U.S. The following rates per therm* are based on April 2016 costs.

Heating Appliance Cost per Therm
Electric Baseboard $3.32
Propane (90% Efficient) $2.38
Wood Pellets $2.08
Natural Gas (90% Efficient) $0.76
Wood Stove $1.04

* cost per 100,000 btus delivered as useable heat


NorthWestern Energy serves electricity to the majority of the local and rural Helena market, with Vigilante Electric serving a portion of the rural area. For current electric rates, please visit the websites noted below.


Local, long distance, VoIP and wireless telephone service, high-speed internet, cable, and satellite television service is available in most areas of the Helena region. For service information, please visit the websites noted below.


The City of Helena provides water and wastewater service to residents of Helena. Consumable water for homes outside of the City’s territory is provided by wells that are on average 75-300 feet deep, depending on the location, and normally produce 10-15 gpm.