Mount Helena

Swish Tournament Brackets

2022 Brackets


2022 SWISH Pools (Coaches look here to see what pool your team is in)



3rd-4th Grade Boys Gold & Silver Bracket – East Valley Middle School

3rd-4th Grade Girls Bracket – Helena Middle School

5th Grade Boys GOLD & SILVER POOL Bracket – 4G’s

6th Grade Boys GOLD & SILVER POOL Bracket – Prickly Pear Middle School

6th Grade Girls Bracket – Montana City Gym

7th Grade Boys Bracket – Central Elementary

7th Grade Girls Bracket – Bryant

8th Grade Boys GOLD POOL Bracket – Helena High School

8th Grade Boys SILVER POOL Bracket – Capital High School

8th Grade Girls Bracket – East Helena High School


Information & Rules

For all 3rd/4th, 5th and 6th grade divisions no full court press will be allowed except for the last 2 minutes of the game if the score is within 10 points. (Both Teams) A warning will be issued for the offending team and is noted in the scorebook. The second infraction is a technical, 2 shot foul with the offensive team retaining possession. No zone defense will be allowed for these divisions.


Each team is guaranteed four games. In most cases, there will be three games of pool play to determine the seeding of the 4th game to be played. Teams will be seeded in the following manner: 1) Win-Loss Record 2) Head to Head Play 3) Point Differential (15 points max) & if there is still a tie 4) A Coin Toss.