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Boss of the Year

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2022 Boss of the Year


The Boss of the Year Award will be Presented on Friday, October 21st, 2022
(Day prior to National Boss Day)
5 P.M. ON Friday, October 7th. ***

Mail form to:
Helena Area Chamber of Commerce
225 Cruse Ave
Helena, Mt 59601
Or Email form to:

Nominate your boss to recognize him or her for all they do for the business, staff and community at your place of employment. Feel free to complete the attached form and/or send in a letter of nomination touching on the following points of excellence:  (Please note that the most complete nomination plus adding letters of recommendation from others will strengthen your nomination.)  

  • Leadership qualities portrayed in the handling and treatment of staff.
  • Special programs and/or benefits implemented by your boss for staff.
  • Something that sets them apart from other bosses/supervisors.
  • An incidence or trait that indicates your boss has gone above and beyond the normal supervisory job requirements.
  • Community/Chamber service that your boss may do outside of work that shows they are a contributor to the Helena community.
  • Please include additional signatures/letters of support from other workers or organizations besides the nominating person to support this nomination.

The winning BOSS OF THE YEAR will receive a special presentation at their place of business on the 21st of October (day prior to Bosses Day) where Chamber officials will bring local media and make the presentation in front of your staff.

2022 Boss of the Year Nomination Form (.pdf)